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Mary Fristad, PhD, ABPP | OSU Wexner Medical Center


The Child and Adolescent Mood Disorders Task Group was formed in light of the special considerations needed when working with mood disorder patients under the age of 18. While this demographic can present unique challenges, the reward in helping children overcome emotional and mental adversities is enormous. During meetings the Task Group reviews the latest research in the field of child psychiatry, shares clinical advice, and discuses collaborative project ideas.


Children undergo unique physical changes that can affect their emotional status. Girls who begin puberty earlier than their peers have been found to be at a greater risk for anxiety and depression as well as substance abuse (1). A link has been discovered between chronic, unexplained stomachaches in childhood and the presentation of anxiety and depression in adulthood (2). In children suffering from comorbid asthma and depression, the inflammatory marker C-reactive protein (CRP) was found in higher numbers than healthy children or those with only one health concern (3).

Bullying has become a serious concern for parents, teachers, and clinicians in recent years. Children and adolescents are exposed to bullying in multiple settings, including at school, from siblings, and now on social networking sites, where 20% of children report that they have been the victim of cyber-bullying (4). Youth are also bullied by peers in large numbers according to their perceived sexual orientation, and this has been shown to decrease the victims’ quality of life and increase their risk of suicide (5).


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Here are some of the relevant articles published by members of the Child & Adolescent Mood Disorders Task Group. Members’ names are in bold.

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