Michael J. Ostacher, MD, MPH, MMSc | Stanford University
Katherine Burdick, PhD | Brigham and Women’s Hospital
Jorge Almeida, MD, PhD | University of Texas, Austin

One of the objectives of the Bipolar Disorders Task Group is to provide oversight and support for innovative research projects to expand our knowledge of the genetic origins of the disease.  Their efforts to date have helped to move critical research forward.

2019 NNDC Interest Group Publications:

Authors: Jess G. Fiedorowicz, Jane E. Persons, Shervin Assari, Michael J. Ostacher, Peter Zandi, PW Wang, Michael E. Thase, Mark A. Frye, William Coryell, of the National Network of Depression Centers Bipolar Disorders Interest Group

Pilot randomized controlled trial of web-delivered acceptance and commitment therapy versus for smokers with bipolar disorder
Authors: Jaimee L. Heffner, PhD, Megan M. Kelly, PhD, Jeanette Waxmonsky, PhD, Kristin Mattocks, PhD, Edit Serfozo, MPH, Jonathan B. Bricker, PhD, Kristin E. Mull, MS, Noreen L. Watson, PhD, Michael Ostacher, MD

2017 NNDC Conference Task Group Poster:

Do mixed symptoms carry an increased risk for suicidal ideation and behavior beyond that attributable to depressive components?
Author: Jess Fiedorowicz, MD, PhD, University of Iowa

Studying Bipolar Disorders

Journal of Medical Internet Research:
Predicting Mood Disturbance Severity with Mobile Phone Keystroke Metadata: A BiAffect Digital Phenotyping Study

Authors: John Zulueta1, MD; Andrea Piscitello1, MS; Mladen Rasic1, BA; Rebecca Easter1, BA; Pallavi Babu2, BA; Scott A Langenecker1, PhD; Melvin McInnis2, MD; Olusola Ajilore1, MD, PhD; Peter C Nelson1, PhD; Kelly Ryan2, PhD; Alex Leow1, MD, PhD.

Corresponding Author:
Alex Leow, MD, PhD
University of Illinois at Chicago
aleow [at]

Peter Nelson (right) and Dr. Alex Leow helped develop BiAffect. (Photo: Jenny Fontaine)



Researchers from our current member institutions should contact Diana Burnett, Program Manager ([email protected]), for more information about being added to the task group.

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