Transcranial Electrical Stimulation – Free Meeting Sponsored by NIMH, Sept 29-30

A free meeting is being sponsored by the NIMH Division of Translational Research on Transcranial Electrical Stimulation. Additionally, NIMH is videocasting this event to encourage online participation.

Workshop goals: To critically assess the use and potential of noninvasive neuromodulation techniques—specifically tDCS, tACS, tRNS—and identify research needs for optimizing protocols and further developing therapeutic applications.

Please see this link to register:

Please share the registration link with colleaguTranscranial Electrical Stimulation - NIH Workshopes who may be interested in joining remotely.

Thank you on behalf of the organizers,
Judy Rumsey, Ph.D.,
Eric Wassermann, M.D.,
David Sommers, Ph.D.,
Marom Bikson, Ph.D.,
Michele Pearson,
Sarah Hollingsworth Lisanby, M.D.