Super Bowl 50 – #tackledepression published in USA Today

The NNDC produced a first time ever advertorial about depression, which appeared in the Super Bowl 50 special edition of USA Today. Written by New York Times bestselling author John U. Bacon, this advertorial helped launch a social media campaign to increase understanding and decrease stigma around this mental health issue.  Help spread this awareness by keeping #tackledepression active. We need you on our team!

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Assurex Health is an informatics-based precision medicine company providing treatment decision support to healthcare providers for behavioral health conditions. Assurex Health makes GeneSight, a state-of-the art, clinically proven, genetic test, that helps healthcare providers determine the appropriate medication(s) for individual patients suffering from depression and other neuropsychiatric conditions. Takeda and Lundbeck have joined as an alliance to continue scientific research on Brintellix and to further understand and support the depression patient community. Leveraging each company’s expertise, the Alliance is harnessing Lundbeck’s deep heritage and knowledge of psychiatry, and working with CNS health care specialists, and Takeda’s extensive knowledge of the primary care marketplace to ensure access to an effective treatment option that addresses the multiple symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder.