Snapshots of Psychiatry Recording “Cannabis Research: Where We Are, Where We Need to Be”

In November 2021, the NNDC launched a new educational program, a virtual lecture series titled Snapshots in Psychiatry. The series was composed of 6 lectures, with three occurring in 2021 and three occurring in 2022. The 2021-2022 Virtual Lecture Series featured presentations focused on “breaking news” from the Network and showcased work being conducted or recently published among our Task Groups.

In case you missed one of our amazing sessions, or if you just want to watch it again we are releasing the recordings right here on the NNDC blog! Each month we will release a new video from the series. You can view the recordings and all the news about “Snapshots in Psychiatry” here each month for more recordings from the series. First up is our inaugural session, “Cannabis Research: Where We Are, Where We Need to Be” with Dr. Leslie Hulvershorn.


Watch Dr. Leslie Hulvershorn of Indiana University School of Medicine present a discussion and participate in an open dialog with attendees for the inaugural NNDC Snapshots of Psychiatry event below!

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