Psychiatry and the Arts Series: TOUCHED WITH FIRE

1466887981_5Special Screenings of the film Touched with Fire

Kay Redfield Jamison, M.A., Ph.D., author of the book “Touched with Fire,” is the Co-Director, Mood Disorders Center and Professor of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at Johns Hopkins.

Touched with Fire, Paul Dalio’s feature film debut starring Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby, revolves around two bipolar poets whose art is fueled by their emotional extremes. Katie Holmes stars as Carla, a talented writer who struggles with the disorder and its management. After a particularly intense manic episode, she ends up in a psychiatric hospital where she meets Marco (Luke Kirby), another talented writer who refuses to stay on his medication because it fuels his intense creativity.  When they meet, their romance brings out all the beauty as well as the darkness of their condition, and its impact on their lives, families, careers and future. (read more)