Pat Rinvelt Retirement

Pat Rinvelt, MBA
NNDC Director of Strategic Initiatives, 2020-2023
NNDC Executive Director, 2013-2020

Pat retired in March 2023. She provided strategic leadership for several of the NNDC’s key initiatives, lending her extensive experience in the healthcare information industry coupled with her consulting background. Pat brought over 25 years of leadership experience in healthcare analytics, database operations management, and product and solution development to the Network. She earned her undergraduate degree in Computer Science and Economics from Smith College, and her MBA from the University of Michigan. Pat joined the NNDC in November of 2013.

Messages from NNDC Staff
  • During her tenure as Executive Director, Pat built back the NNDC administrative team after a full staff turnover and led the pilot and full-scale launch of our flagship program, Mood Outcomes. I would not be exaggerating to say that Pat, with her many years of leadership and health informatics experience, is a major reason for the incredible growth the NNDC has seen over the last decade. I consider myself fortunate to have worked with her for almost 8 of her 10 years at the NNDC, and am eternally grateful for her mentorship and guidance. Pat, we wish you the best in your retirement years! Congratulations!  – Dane Larsen, NNDC Executive Director
  • Pat set an example of leadership by consensus; gently coaxing everyone into agreement and herding any outliers into the fold. She is a true team player, genuinely caring that everyone is on board. She has been the social leader of our group and will be missed. – Diana Burnett, NNDC Program Manager
  • Pat was instrumental in providing leadership to the NNDC at a critical time for the organization. Personally, she was immensely helpful in orienting me to my position when I started as Operations Manager this past year. Her knowledge and expertise helped make the transition as smooth as possible. Her contributions to both the organization as a whole and to our staff will be greatly missed. – Brad Hovermale, NNDC Operations Manager
  • I was blessed to witness Pat’s inspiring guidance, support, and commitment in the short time since I joined the NNDC. I appreciate everything that she has done for us and her absence will be deeply felt. – Shilpa Kharecha, NNDC Events & Communications Manager
  • Pat played an essential role in building and maintaining the Mood Outcomes Program. She left some big shoes to fill, and I am grateful for the mentorship she provided. I wish her the best during her next chapter! – Jennifer Taylor, NNDC Program Manager