The Florida State University College of Medicine focuses on educating outstanding physicians for practice in community settings as well as excellence in research and service aimed at the community and the underserved, which includes the fact that people with mental health disorders are the most underserved in Florida. FSU COM is located on the campus of one of the nation’s elite research universities, Florida State University (FSU), a public institution that has the Carnegie Foundation’s highest designation (Doctoral/Research University-Extensive) and offers a distinctive academic environment built on its unique heritage. Florida Statute 1004.42 defined the purpose of the FSU COM to prepare “… physicians to practice primary care, geriatric, and rural medicine, to make appropriate use of emerging technologies, and to function successfully in a rapidly changing health care environment; advancing knowledge in the applied biomedical and behavioral sciences, geriatric research, autism, cancer, and chronic diseases; …

The overall research vision for the College is a statewide, collaborative, multidisciplinary research network of faculty and community-based healthcare professionals that supports clinical and translational research. This goal enhances and promotes research collaboration and strengthens partnerships through a formalized, structured, and integrated network of professionals working with patients, students, faculty, and the community to improve health outcomes for all Floridians. FSU College of Medicine’s community-based model of education provides an ideal foundation for the development of a community-based clinical research network. The existent infrastructure of six regional campuses across Florida, two rural training sites, and over 1,900 physicians in private, group or hospital-based practices allows access to as many as two million Floridian patients from across the spectrum of health and illness, gender, age, and socioeconomic status, residing in rural, suburban, and urban communities. Such a network can build upon this collaborative infrastructure to provide clinical, translational, and behavioral research opportunities for clinicians, faculty and students in real world, community-based practice settings. Such linkages will empower therapeutic discoveries and enhance health care practice and delivery to improve the health of Florida’s diverse population with regards to Mood Disorders.

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