Women and Mood Disorders Task Group Collaborates on Perimenopausal Guidelines

Guidelines Aim to Help Perimenopausal Women Deal With Depression
The new guidance gives women and their doctors a “gold standard” of care during menopause transition.

By David Levine | Nov. 2, 2018 | U.S. News & World Report

“…NAMS paired with the National Network of Depression Centers, specifically the Women and Mood Disorders Task Force. “We thought it would be a wonderful partnership to bring together these experts to do these guidelines,” Maki says. First, the task force conducted a systematic review of all the literature. “We wanted practitioners and women to understand what we think the best approach is to this,” she explains.

The final guidelines, published this September in the journal Menopause and the Journal of Women’s Health, have been endorsed by the International Menopause Society.”

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