Big Data for Depression

Psychiatric Times | Joanna Yu, PhD, Brendan Behan, PhD, Anthony L. Vaccarino, PhD, Elizabeth Theriault, PhD, Sagar V. Parikh, MD, Susan Rotzinger, PhD, Sidney H. Kennedy, MD

“One of the biggest challenges in treating depression is the ability to select the most appropriate and effective treatment for a particular individual from among the many available options. This is a significant public health issue, since the first treatment selected is effective only about 30% of the time Although there are excellent clinical guidelines to address the management of a major depressive episode, the evidence is based on average rates of response in group data and not on individual characteristics or objective biological measures.”

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Acknowledgment—This article is based on Drs Brendan Behan’s and Joanna Yu’s presentation at the 2017 Annual National Network of Depression Center (NNDC) Conference.