Associate Membership

10/23/14NNDC ConferenceThis membership level provides an opportunity for academic institutions, multi-center mental health programs or agencies in the US to join with the Centers of Excellence members to advance the vision, mission and goals of the NNDC.  Associate members meet the following criteria:

  • Academic institution, multi-center mental health program or agency in the US
  • Has expertise to bring and a commitment to the NNDC vision, mission, and goals
  • Meet all five criteria for “Associate Membership”
    1. Provides expertise in at least one of the following areas: clinical delivery, research, education
    2. Committed to an interdisciplinary approach to treatment and research
    3. Provides community outreach, education, and/or training
    4. Actively participates in Network collaborations
    5. Makes in-kind contributions to support Network initiatives

BeAssociate Membernefits of Associate Membership:


Interested in becoming a member of the NNDC? Please contact us.
Email: [email protected] Phone: (734) 332-3914