Announcement: Courtney Soule, Director of Membership, Development, and Public Relations

Official Press Release

National Network of Depression Centers Announces Courtney Soule as Director of Membership, Development, and Public Relations

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, January 20, 2024 – The National Network of Depression Centers (NNDC) is pleased to announce the appointment of Courtney Soule as the organization’s new director of Membership, Development, and Public Relations starting February 1, 2024.

Soule brings more than 20 years of experience and passion to the organization and has dedicated the last three and a half years to advancing regional and mental health initiatives with the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance and the Great Lakes Bay Region Mental Health Partnership to create positive change in the community.

The voice behind the organization’s iMatter Anti-Stigma Campaign, she has a long-standing commitment to advocacy, reducing stigma and is passionate about supporting the need for further awareness of mental health.

Prior to her role with the Alliance, Soule was the managing editor of a community publication and worked in several aspects of community development. She also had a 15-year career at Dow that spanned public affairs, government affairs, public policy, and corporate strategic development.

“Courtney will be a key component of our work in lifting the burden on those that are impacted by depression and other mental health illnesses on a national scale. Her experience is vital to providing support to our existing NNDC member centers and opening the door for additional partnerships and growth opportunities,” said Dr. Matt Samocki, executive director of the NNDC. “Given her previous work in mental health and wellbeing, we see tremendous potential for the organization as we work towards eliminating stigma and transforming awareness and access to evidence-based care.”

In this role, Soule will be responsible for supporting various aspects of the NNDC’s work, with a focus on membership attraction and retention, revenue growth, and the development and implementation of public relations strategies. Her role plays a pivotal part in achieving the NNDC’s goals outlined in the current strategic plan and beyond.

“We are thrilled to see Courtney take on this dynamic and challenging role at the national level working to advance mental health and wellbeing on a broader scale with the NNDC,” said Matt Felan, president and CEO of the Great Lakes Bay Regional Alliance. “Her contributions have been invaluable over the last several years throughout the region and while we regret to see her leave the Alliance and the Mental Health Partnership, this is an amazing opportunity in the development of mental health and one we know that the region can prosper from through continued future collaboration.”

The NNDC has worked since 2008 to develop and foster connections through a national network in order to advance scientific discovery and provide stigma-free, evidence-based care to people with depressive and other mental health illnesses. This appointment supports the organization’s next chapter of impact, collaboration, and growth.