13th Annual Depression on College Campuses Conference

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March 11-12, 2015
Rackham Graduate School
915 East Washington St
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Recent research indicates that more than half of college students report “above average” or “tremendous” stress levels, and 30 percent say that stress has a negative impact on their academic performance. While there will always be some level of stress, competition, and pressure in a college student’s life, must success always be equated with stress?

Join us for the 13th Annual Depression on College Campuses Conference to explore these questions, and learn about new research findings and model programs which demonstrate how a focus on managing the climate of stress on campus – and helping students to cope more effectively with the inevitable bouts of stress that will occur – can improve overall student wellness and allow students to achieve their full potential.

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The conference will feature a choice of intensive three-hour workshops in addition to keynote presentations, panel discussions, and concurrent sessions. See Schedule

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