Visiting Professor Program

The NNDC Visiting Professor Program

About the Visiting Professor Program

One of the major roadblocks to meaningful, large-scale advancement of research-based fields in general is the lead time in publication and dissemination of new research. This is particularly true of studies on depressive and bipolar illnesses, which receive significantly less funding compared to other diseases like cancer or heart disease. The National Network of Depression Centers was formed in part to tackle this roadblock, and the Visiting Professor Program is just one way we are doing that. 

The National Network of Depression Centers thrives on education and cross-collaboration. The Visiting Professor Program represents a direct contribution to that cause, as it supports rapid dissemination of new and innovative treatments. Visiting Professors will share results of research, treatments, and technology currently leading the way in the fields of depressive and bipolar illnesses, all for the purpose of inspiring collaborative efforts towards advancing these fields even farther.

​The Visiting Professor Program provides a platform for researchers to share their work and goals, and breed new ideas and approaches for ongoing studies. Each quarterly event will feature one main topic of interest which the Visiting Professor will address. Topics focused on dissemination of new and innovative treatments or addressing underserved populations will be given precedence. The program will span two days of lectures, mentorship, case conferences/program review, or other educational presentations.

Typical Agenda
  • Grand Rounds on topic chosen by host institution via needs assessment survey
  • Mentorship/Q&A Session with psychiatry residents and fellows to discuss career path, research goals, general interest, etc.
  • Consultation Session with local researchers, to provide feedback and advice on their projects
  • Public Education Talk on research advances in the etiology and treatment of depression, or subject associated with host institution's specified topic

2017 Programming

University of Illinois at Chicago 
UICenter on Depression & Resilience
PI: K. Luan Phan, MD
Speaker: Sanjay Mathew, MD, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston
Free Public Event on Nov 13: Innovative Therapies for Difficult-to-Treat Depression: Will They Reduce Suffering and Save Lives?
Special Lecture Topic on Nov. 14: An Update on Ketamine for Psychiatric Disorders: Clinical, Scientific, and Ethical Perspectives

University of Louisville
PI: Jesse H. Wright, MD, PhD

Speaker: Scott A. Langenecker, PhD, University of Illinois, Chicago
Free Public Event on Nov 30:
 Unlocking the Depressed Brain: Neuroscience Brings New Tools for Wellness
Special Lecture Topic on Dec 1: Dimensions, lifespan perspectives, and disease course features in mood disorders: extending DSM for precision medicine in recurrent mood disorders

UT Houston
PI: Joao Luciano de Quevedo, MD, PhD
Speaker: Michael E. Thase, MDUniversity of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

Grand Rounds on Jan 10, 2018: Depression – Advanced Pharmacotherapy
Free Public Event on Jan. 10, 2018: Finding Hope: Understanding and Overcoming Depression.

University of Iowa

PI: Jess G. Fiedorowicz, MD, PhD
Guest Speaker: Jennifer Felder, PhD, University of California, at San Francisco
Grand Rounds, Jan. 15, 2018: The clinical science of promoting women’s mental health during pregnancy and parenting: Novel targets and delivery format

Free Public Event, Jan 15, 2018: NAMI Johnson County/R Place Community Presentation


Past Programming