Robert Caudill, MD | University of Louisville
Jay H. Shore, MD, MPH | University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus


Access to effective treatment is a primary challenge in the treatment of depression.  One strategy for disseminating the expertise of our members beyond the physical boundaries of our institutions is to make use of new communications and technologies to deliver care.

The Telehealth Task Group, initiated in 2011, is devoted to maximizing the potential of existing and emerging technologies to improve access to excellent care for patients in need, regardless of where they call home.  Their projects help to identify current best practices in using these technologies in the delivery of care.

In 2015 the APA created a Telepsychiatry Work Group.  One of the first products of this group was the creation of content which led to the creation of the “Telepsychiatry Tool Kit” found at the link below.  Recognized experts within the telepsychiatry field were asked to write and present brief video reports on topics of interest, including the co-chairs of NNDC Telehealth Interest Group Drs. Shore and Caudill.   Many of the original videos were filmed while members were in NYC presenting at the IPS meeting that year.  The Work Group has evolved and gone on to now constitute an official committee within the APA structure. As such, it continues to oversee the content of the Toolkit and meets monthly via teleconference to continue to guide the APA in matters involving telepsychiatry.