Sarah H. Lisanby, MD | National Institute of Mental Health & Duke University
Irving Reti, MBBS, MD | Johns Hopkins University

In 2008, the FDA approved the use of a neuromodulation technique called repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, or rTMS, for the treatment of Treatment Resistant Depression (TRD).  Since that time, the evidence continues to mount supporting the use of rTMS to help patients whose depression does not respond to traditional treatments.  In order to realize the full potential of rTMS, more large-scale clinical research is needed to establish its effectiveness, encouraging more widespread utilization and insurance reimbursement.

As a vital first step, the rTMS Task Group has developed the first data registry to standardize research and clinical data on rTMS from NNDC Centers utilizing the technique.  The team has also designed a treatment protocol to help clinicians determine the most effective dosing for rTMS.


The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry has published “Consensus Recommendations for the Clinical Application of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) in the Treatment of Depression”

Participants included a group of 17 expert clinicians and researchers with expertise in the clinical application of rTMS, representing both the National Network of Depression Centers (NNDC) rTMS Task Group and the American Psychiatric Association Council on Research (APA CoR) Task Force on Novel Biomarkers and Treatments.

Authors: McClintock SM, Reti IM, Carpenter LL, McDonald WM, Dubin M, Taylor SF, Cook IA, O’Reardon J, Husain MM, Wall C, Krystal A, Sampson S, Morales O, Nelson BG, Latoussakis V, George MS, Lisanby SH, on behalf of the National Network of Depression Centers rTMS Task Group, American Psychiatric Association Council of Research Task Force on Novel Biomarkers and Treatments.

Read full text: Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. 79(1): 2018, 35-48

Task group member Dr. Oscar Morales discusses the benefits of rTMS for treatment resistant depression while treating patients at member site Mclean Hospital