Implementation & Dissemination


Jeanette Waxmonsky, PhD – University of Colorado Denver
Mark Williams, MD (Interim Co-Chair) – Mayo Clinic

Getting evidence-based treatments and promising interventions for clinical depressions, bipolar disorders, and related conditions out of academic research settings and implemented and disseminated into routine practice quickly is the focus of this Task Group.  Strategies for reaching this goal include fostering active partnerships with community and health care organizations, building sustainable and easily accessible treatment models, and mentoring and training in implementation science.  Disseminating and implementing interventions across different settings can ultimately empower patients, providers, and health care organizations alike to participate fully in clinical and translational research, which in turn can improve outcomes, inform policy, and reduce stigma.

The three broad focus areas for the Implementation & Dissemination Task Group include:  1.  Identifying implementation and sustainability strategies for integrated care and other health services models including collaborative care (CCMs);  2. Applying measurement-based care practices in community-based settings; and, 3. Developing and testing of novel technologies and training programs to facilitate the rapid adoption of interventions in routine practice.